Live Attack #41

A twist to the live attack series–I do MULTIPLE attacks on a base, tweaking the plan as needed. Hope it’s just as exciting as the usual live attacks, and thanks for …


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  1. I enjoy when you do those kinds of a video stick to the plan it helps everyone to improve their attacks .

  2. Face cam?

  3. You aren't the flashiest YTer do sho, but you have incredible content and your understanding of the game is so helpful. Maybe Chaos Hammer can have an AW with Genesis sometime. I'm pretty sure we just had one with prime

  4. It's way better like this because you learn more from mistakes. This video was a bit more helpful then the normal 'stick to the plan' :)

  5. Nice job bri

  6. nice attack man?it was close on the first try

  7. Very creative approach to still including a live attack. Thank you to zeddicus for help making it happen.

  8. Is OHG falling apart?

  9. Just for the heck of it I'd tap the war cc just so the radius shows up in the screenshot. Idk in my personal opinion it would probably make planning a bit easier even tho you are a great attacker.

    PS. Still like your vids

  10. Nice video man.Loved it Bisectratron keep up the amazing work love from the lee fish

  11. (◣‿◢)

  12. can u attack a weird symmetrical th9, and another on an anti 3 th9 with a large open section?

  13. the reaction after the last attack Haha

  14. Nice video!Attacking and 3 starring th10s is not as easy as ur looks in recaps…..

  15. 716 war stars *

  16. I will be with you always Bisectratron. I'm gonna show u support and I will show u. Keep up the good job. Btw I've been trying to join Onehive family since "June" . I went through the website to join either Onehive Genesis or Onehive 2.0 not that I suck in war but my heroes were low level and they rejected me totally. I'm th9 with 716 but my heroes are aq lvl 12 and bk 10. Ik heroes are mandatory in any high level war clan. Bisectratron can I join ur clan please, u won't regret it .