Live Attack Episode #62 GoVaHo

I try and wreck an anti 2 star base with a GoVaHo attack. Hope you guys like the strategy and enjoy the video. Join me on Bindle!


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  1. The live/ninja are awesome man. Seeing perfect attacks everytime is boring and it's encouraging to see even the best make mistakes. Keep up the good work.

  2. Why

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  4. can I ask why you opted for govaho for this base? With no dgb in the centre (or anywhere), why didn't you go for a straight goho? were you just playing with govaho for fun or am i missing something?

  5. chaotic, magnificant :)

  6. lol love the raid Jake!! I like the quote "Bum rushed it, muscled it with no finesse". But it was fun to watch~ :)

  7. That was funny but great attack

  8. Weird defense. You reacted well to put the heal on the left group to where they were going. Coulda put the poison there earlier is the only minor thing that I see would have improved it. Feels silly to critique a butt whooping 3 start though. Nice attack. Love these live attacks.

  9. Jake have you ever had a live attack that sucked so bad that you didn't upload? ?

  10. That was the most entertaining attack I have ever watched ??

  11. Nice raid!

  12. imo, this is the best coc vid series out there. i learn something new from them everytime.

  13. Do you play in pc, android or iOS?

  14. 4:03 "I could not tell what was going on the entire attack"- me every attack lol

  15. Lol I was watching like, "man he's supposed to watch the core for the heal but this attack is literally all over the place I couldn't do it."
    Worked out though! nice job as usual.

  16. I love the planning that goes into your raids jake. Apart from the big wars, do all the guys sit together with a plan or is most of the planning entirely on your own? I know most of the strategies, got pretty good heroes too (23,20) but when I see a base I dont get the right ideas, the right angle lol. Need help!

  17. Nice one Jake!

  18. Hey jake I am wondering how can you tell if someone mods or not? I'm trying to catch some people and turn them in. Can you see them modding on the war map or is it impossible to see them do it and the only way to get them is if they tell you?

  19. Hey jake where can I go if I want to join a fair play community war?

  20. Awesome video! Please keep producing some anti 2 star videos