Live Attack Episode #88 The Final TH9 Attack

I draw it up for you guys one last time at TH9, will it be an epic 3 star? Or an epic fail? Hope you all enjoy and are looking forward to TH10 attempts in the near …


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  1. Being retired from the game for about a year now.. Watching this really takes me back.. The planning, the suspense, the excitement and the frustration.. Gotta say I really missed this

  2. Jake. i think your life just might have been saved.

    the valks are getting stronger! more damage, more speed with their hits and, because it's supercell, less health. the timer is going back to 3.00 witch is 100% bullshit. TH9 will always be a 3 star anyway, but the th10 game is only getting harder this way. Can anybody tell me what the plan of SC probably is?

  3. Jake upgrades to 10, supercell fixes th9 haha

  4. nice attack Jake.

  5. Aaaaah! Don't like th10 attacks. I will miss ur th9 attacks Jake!

  6. jake u will do a th 9.5 or th 10 ??

  7. jake is a th10 already he cant cancel…rip

  8. Honestly Lately Ive been more excited to see the th10 3stars than the th9s, th9 attacks are kinda getting boring for me to watch.

  9. Jake what do you use to mark where the traps and Teslas are?

  10. Jake im literally doing the EXACT same thing as you in a few days, Im gonna get 30/30 heros and do 1 war with them before I move on to th10!

  11. jake hope you've seen the rebalancing update info and consider cancelling that th upgrade! th9 looking to be back in the sweet spot again

  12. sub to my youtube channel

  13. GG brother

  14. in the new update no more poisoning idle Defending cc troops, they will move out of poison spells if idle…… no more easy drag kills

  15. Jake do a vid on the ne balances please

  16. Looking at the latest update, TH9 is back. They got rid of the 30 seconds and double poison is no longer effective. Th10 will still be fun, but TH9 is fixed. Yay!

  17. New update making TH10 even more unbalanced, RIP anymore 3 star attacks you thought you had in the future.

  18. Jake supercell is removing extra 30 seconds and also making it where if cc troops are pulled out and just standing there and you put poisons on the cc troops, the cc troops will move out of the way. And supercell said this was requested by the war community

  19. OMG OneHive is finally winning a war Kappa

  20. Dropping gems is equivalent to modding! Spread the word!!

  21. Our clan went use against a clan thwt Ghosts , Imods , and Xmods , unfair :'(

  22. thoughts on galadons video about next update?

  23. what do you think about the early sneakpeak update. attack time readjusted back to 3 mins. , still cc troops will no longer be idle when a poison spell has been dropped.. valk dmged increased..hitpoints dcreased. witch skelly buffud hit points… is this making a balance specially for th 10?

  24. hi jake.