LIVE – Clash of Clans Champions War League Season 3 Finals!

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  1. #Q89VVUOG
    it's JYOTISH 'super Villan' is my clan name, basically it's Indian clan but open for all. It's lvl 8 clan pls join us active mature player we have done lots of troops and fun, regularly war will play and clash on.
    If some one join us can enter the following clan address #Q89VVUOG

  2. [RECRUITING] IBT Committee | Looking for active, loyal, and strong recruits | Clan Lvl #1 | War Clan | Donation is 2:1 | Primarily looking for TH7s & TH8s | Clan Tag: #V08RQ2JV | We use Discord!

    IBT Committee is recruiting! Despite our name, (Hehe) we are a serious clan. We are looking for players who have a sense of humor, thick-skinned, and active in war and donations.

    Since we only consist of a couple TH7s and TH8s, that'll be our primary focus of recruitment for now. So if you have a secondary/mini account or are currently a TH7/8, don't be afraid to hit me up here or the several forms of communication I have below.

    Hopefully, if we can reach ten members by the following week and most to all of us have Discord, we will have our first war. I expect us to do well in it.

    I am a Co-Leader within IBT Committee as my cousin's the leader.

    If you have any questions, here are some forms of communication you can use to get a hold of me.

    Discord: TheHellianKing
    Clan Tag: #V08RQ2JV
    Reddit: TheHellianKing
    Discord Server ID:

    Applicant Form:!AOgRGo7XRK

  3. Sub chéo

  4. مبروك لfaked wgm.
    الصراحة كنت متوقع النهائي بين dark looters و one hive.
    بس طلع فريق جامد. ?

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  6. I am big fan of powerbang…and Coc too… who is lover of coc like my comment

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  10. Love to play it . Awesome game

  11. I need Gems Now

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  13. I wonder when these downs let wall breakers into mortars. I can go to this studio and kick their asses!

  14. How can I participate in this type of events? What should we do?

  15. How much money did they made?

  16. how I will take part in this season please tell me

  17. Clan wars are such a difficult thing to broadcast and I think Supercell is missing all the key components it would take to make it an e-sport. These huge wars have too much going on in the background. You never know what the score (really) is. There are wild swings in scoring with no opportunity to build suspense. The live attack model, a good studio/stage, and some great play by play from Powerbang and Woody are the few redeeming qualities of these events. No other "sport" has 22hrs of action then you join in for 2hrs of random melee. No other sport has an ending you can completely miss due to which attack the broadcast tunes into. There are about a half a dozen things Supercell could do today to make these events really fun to watch. Right now, as a huge fan of the game, these 2 hour broadcasts are hard to watch in full. I can only imagine what a snoozer it would be for someone who wasn't a huge advocate for the game.

  18. الي عربي لايك

  19. noobs ???…… they ain't the top players… they can't even crush a new th10… lmao?

  20. Clash of clans how are u?

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  22. Clash of clans Plz Help Me And Add A Th 11 Max members on our clan

  23. Heart breaker lolz 99% always

  24. music never gets old@! xD

  25. As a member of the war community I'm so grateful to see SC continually supporting the CWL. The relationship between the two groups is at a all time high and I couldn't be happier.


  27. iPad pro? :3