Live on War Day With OneHive Genesis #19

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  1. Awesome videos Bisect keep them coming.

  2. 12k subs!grats!

  3. Thx for showing my hit bis lol. I'm not gonna lie I forgot I had that golem in the cc, hence why it was so late. Good vid though! -özil

  4. Hey man. I like this vid. U nail the commentating on those live attacks. PS . anyone can join my lvl 11 clan, Saltibus…. Join for free member

  5. hey bisect. cool vids dood.

  6. (◣‿◢)

  7. Can u make a vid for TH 8

  8. 10:27 Lol that's the popular internet base named "The Rattan base", I 3 starred it yesterday in war using queen POP LaLoon. What a coincidence seeing it day after here…If only this video was made 2 days before it would save me trouble, but i still got the 3 star

  9. I think you should do less apologize (say sorry too often). It's okay for us if you do a little mistake in the video. That what makes you human. lol. By the way, Good Job bro!

  10. We just faced these guys a few wars ago, heavily engineered/ .5s but y'all should be fine. Not the best attackers, but should be a fun random war.

  11. Icey attack @jp

  12. Curious to hear your thoughts on max bowlers vs max miners for th10 GoBoner attack. Last one you showed chose miners. I would think bowlers just because of the critical the job or a KS is with initial DPS and getting the objective (i.e. inferno) down. Perhaps cus these were single infernos he opted for the more beefy miners, but regardless curious for your thoughts when attacking a typical well developed base!

  13. Looks like a heavily engineered clan…maybe do a run down in the war recap?

  14. haha?

  15. liked the Shocker's attack

  16. Dont forget to sub to me. My clan has a 50 war win streak. Clan name is murica

  17. Good video

  18. any body have an elite war clan that will accept a th5 ? LOL Cause I am looking for one.

  19. Hi

  20. Fuck haha you showed that 0 star of mine

  21. you missed my fresh 6 pack on my new account jess jess ?