Magic Items are Awesome! – Maxing Miners and Inferno! – Clash of Clans – TH11 Mass Miner Farming!

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  1. Sorry for the audio cracks testing out new settings

  2. I think u should go for the CC with your Queen Walk like Klaus does, he has been farming with miners too!

  3. CWA liking your video on Twitter brought me here. First time I've seen you vids. Good work.

  4. Nice video. It's so cool that you always make live attacks. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Can’t you please you some other music. It’s seriously distracting?

  6. Bring s hog and let the queen take care of it while she is raged up on the walk

  7. Damn, I have been following you in your first 1000 subs. I have seen you grow, keep going man! Awesome to see your quality get better and better with your videos!

  8. Oh nooo you accidentally upgraded your Witch ??

  9. I used mine to upgrade my loons to 6 and my Baracks to lvl 6 I can’t wait for the next clan games I hope its gonna be another 5,000 points only to get stage 5 ????

  10. U could use some wiz or bowler in cc i guess

  11. I think… I hate you… Yeah

  12. can you tell me nice clan for th 9 ☺

  13. nice video I like it

  14. Try 28 miners, 5 healers, 6 wall breakers and a baby dragon.
    2 rages and 3 heals.
    Bowlers and rage in CC.
    You need to be very patient with this strategy. Use Queen to lure the cc and Queen walk until you clear the path for miners. Miners should always go into the core.
    Not a 3 star strategy but its very effective if used correctly.

  15. That’s some nice queen walking

  16. I will watch 2morrow, 2 tired

  17. 150 likes? you deserve more dude!

  18. Hey clash.. I’m a th9 titans 2 just wanting to know how to join your clan.. my clan isn’t very active and hard to push like that

  19. COPYING KLAUS'S strategy…… 🙂

  20. one of the first

  21. Oh OK its fine can I join ur clan or I can't

  22. Nice Video

  23. The best of them all ✅

  24. First

  25. Lit