MASS Barbarian RUSH – Clash of Clans Builder Hall Strategy – and Free GEMS for viewers!

  1. ಠ_ಠ i see alot of like beggars

  2. hey gally what time you streaming in mixer i joined it just becuase of you but never saw you there.

  3. Music loud AF

  4. He's not even doing anything for 9 minutes

  5. Hello, how you write GALLY with grass please ?

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  7. Name of the first music? Does anyone know?

  8. ?

  9. annoying music had to while watching

  10. Like if you find the difference. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Galadon I found you

  12. Hey galadon what the supercell will do for ingennring bases..really not fair in wars ..we have 20 win ..but this war we lost they have engenerring bases

  13. Can I join your clan I made it to 3267 trophies in clash Royale as a lvl 1

  14. UFC 194-Conor Mcgregor KO's 10 year undefeated champ Jose Aldo in 13 seconds

  15. any good bh5 bases pls i get fucked on def and all im getting are bh6 and its not easy to get wins

  16. hi

  17. Hi

  18. Yes do more all barb bb vids!!

  19. Find the difference:


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  21. Experience honor head secure insect slow smooth.

  22. Surgery humanity attempt statue instance print celebration instruction suffering.

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  25. Gooooooooooood

  26. Love ur streams galadon, I have a great clan in coc&royale called defrow, and I post all of ur streams on our clans fb page and also threw the fb messenger app so my fellow classmates get the news or what I think is important for the second on the minute u put it out, thx for doing these we are trying to get our own utube channel because we non stop war and we have some really good replays to help and laugh at, OK Ty, peace. Frank

  27. This is galadon not ecpected kinda a face reveal to me

  28. wait you not on beam any more

  29. Bleaaaaachhhhhhh

  30. super cell

  31. Mr. galadon plz give me a legendary in clash royale plz give me inferno dragon plz I know u guys are supercool