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  1. You should rage the wall breakers at next time

  2. Huh, I didn't know the warden could jump over enemy walls on ground mode.

  3. why did you pop your ability so early on the th8? coulda 2*

  4. Did anyone notice that the town hall 7 had a lvl 10 king and it goes up to 5 for me

  5. I don't understand, why the th 7's king is lvl 10
    He can't !

  6. How did the th 7 have lvl10 king?

  7. This is really an epic video !

  8. klaus are you gonna play clash royale

  9. Klaus what if you had used rage spells with your wall breakers making them do more damage? Then couldn't you of done better with the wall breakers and Maybe here star a TH 3 or 4?

  10. Yess!! New intro! Btw its really good!

  11. Wow who noticed that the Town Hall 7 had a level 10 Barbarian King. Like if you noticed

  12. Try with spells!

  13. Next time..3 stars with all healers

  14. How the hell does a town hall 1 have a clan castle

  15. Great video!?

  16. how do you get the develepment build?

  17. Some people thinks that the lvl 10 king on th7 is a leak. It's a minor glitch lol. Level 2 dark elixir storage is not enough and also, a level 10 king on th7 is way too op. I mean, it was already a struggle upgrading your king to level 5. Be realistic guys, a level 10 king on th7? Way too much.

  18. You should have deployed the GW first and use his invincibility ability so that wall breakers can hit multiple times without dying.

    It would be really fun to see "suicide bombers" not die from the bomb and continue wrecking the base.

  19. The intro looks exactly like Madden Mobile Gods OOOOOlllddddd intro. Like if you remember that one

  20. Im still rushed but i was in golden league like 1 hour ago and now im in bronze but i earned a load of loot

  21. I saw your fix that rush vid today

  22. I came a little late

  23. Bro