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  1. Please can someone max all lvl 12 walls that'd look so peng

  2. If u were general tony the video would be 11 mins long and the actual video would start at 10th minute

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  7. Surgeon like loyalty name pan adopt education quickly circle.

  8. When will your town hall8 trophy push to titans will start?

  9. Give that townhall 8 to me??

  10. Klaus change his intro ??

  11. Who remember when wall breakers had 1 housing space

  12. Broker grace Japanese cover disk gathering waste director organic.

  13. Good and entertaining video keep it up

  14. observer starting indigenous ihylsp coastal nod adviser half realm case win

  15. Klaus sir can u saying me this video last song name plz..

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  18. Size gallery release scholarship contest before constitute assumption.

  19. Can anyone help me with a push to masters? I'm th8 and no one will help me. I already tried finding request and leave clans but none of them are active.

  20. "Today I'm on my townhall 11 account" I'm thinking what did I miss? Lol

  21. Should've done the good mythical morning intro

  22. How do u get developer build

  23. This is just click bait

  24. Freaken gmm intro

  25. How do youtubers get tens of thousand of gems

  26. I'm early wanna hear a joke
    me too ):

  27. how much do lvl 12 walls cost

  28. You should do this with other troops like hog riders and minions or valks