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  1. Join my clan GODZ_OF_WAR name is king tut

  2. Lol someone lost destroying my base with a. Pekka and a rage spell and lost

  3. no its P.E.K.K.A lol

  4. There is an “e” in pekka ha know

  5. Paykas??

  6. It’s pekka not peeeka or payka 

  7. he was lying about the supposably the first one at 00:18 he had 222,704 but
    at 00:24 he had 216,904

  8. wat is a paka

  9. why you wasted so many supplies attacking that base

  10. Well this is pretty much a gold and DE loot strategy….. You could get
    some trophies too…. But you pretty much wasted your elixir..

  11. it is PEKKA not PAYKA you idiot

  12. Tht made me mad the way he said it “peka”

  13. theres so many NotewortheyGames clans

  14. its not called a paka ist called a pekka

  15. U grew so much in clash

  16. Please

  17. Can you make the clan 700 trophes to join please. And i don’t like the
    music it makes me unfocused.

  18. u spent 120000 just on pekkas and only got 20000. 120000 is only for pekkas
    not including the spells and archers.

  19. Lol u used to be so bad, but look at u now

  20. Big fan can I join My name on add me on facebook

  21. i just got pekkas and this was EXTREMLY helpfull and don’t critisize him
    saying payka its ok!

  22. I could have 3 stared that with archers…. Lol

  23. It’s PEKKA not PAYKA

  24. Join my clan