MAX Level 30 Warden! Th12 Farm to Max | Clash of Clans

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  1. did you check the shop before gemming? sometimes you get a 500 gem book of heroes, which is nice

  2. holy things get expensive

  3. 3…2…1… BAWM

  4. Bro help me…. I'm also in th 12. … Can I get loot in champion I ????please bro reply me. …. I am bored…..

  5. gem buy gaming

  6. #lovegary

  7. Hey klaus on your th9 let’s play u said that if you upgrade your lab the upgrade goes on. You lied 😂

  8. Please use Appolyon

  9. Tell that what is. Clan war league ?

  10. Great Guy

  11. Wow 😍😍

  12. Klaus, is there loot in those leauges coz I started to farm when I went to th12 there was only maxed out bases with less loot, is it okey there now?

  13. Love it

  14. God ur so bad with your 3 2 1 BAM, u always fail that shit😂😂

  15. Dude your honestly so cring

  16. y'all pause the video at 00:00
    and look at klaus mouth lol.

  17. How is it you and Clash bashing posting same videos 🧐 y’all just copy each other

  18. My Heroes only total up to 32…

  19. Saludame en tu próximo vídeo xfa

  20. Hats off to Gary!

  21. max warden😍😍😍

  22. What’s a good strategy for farming as a new th11? And what’s a good league cause I’m struggling to find good bases since I turned 11

  23. Did u watch the fight

  24. Hey dude can you pls do a guide on how to do war if you haven't because I've never been at war I stink at it

  25. Just a heads up Klaus, I will be doing karate on September 12th. That's when I'll start training so I won't be watching any videos until I've finished training with my Sensei.

  26. I don't even have hero's

  27. Drop all heroes regeneration to 20 min at their max lv, game becomes kinda bad as u progress higher coz u can't play more. Ridiculous amount of gold/elixir/dark required for each upgrade plus waiting for armies to cook its boring. Till th9 game is very good later its just a game of grinding patience

  28. You and Rocky are always uploading at the same time and doing the same stuff lol. You guys need to do videos together!!!