Max Level Valkyries, Level 7 Grand Warden – Let’s Clash #189 (Day 400-406)

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  1. Thx for the videos, love the gobarch strategy!

  2. Hi brandon, it was a nice war with your clan a few days ago, awaken heros! We lost but I managed to 3 star brandon 3 :)

  3. Hello, Brandon. I like your videos. Just started from episode 1 till now. Anyway, how do you get the music and how do you do the presentation and facecam and all. Please answer this question. Sincerely yours, Shah Anan.

  4. your sub isnt going up brandon :/

  5. Brandon i think you will be maxed at ep 550s

  6. 2nd version of JEORGE jao = Brandon

  7. Brandon, when are you going to max out your gobarch army? because im ok at th9 level gobarch and I farm so much dark elixir. Do you consider upgrading your gobarch because it seems like a waste of 1month lab upgrade. ps: im early th10

  8. Hey Brandon I just want to know that how do you make a living? What job do you do?

  9. Brandon you farm hardcore

  10. CCOTD Hi Brandon how long ago did u get th7 on your main account ps I'm a th7 any tips

  11. Nice video Brandon I definitely enjoy them alot 😀 I was just wondering what do u think the best farming strategy is for th 8 rn im using archers barbs goblins and wb i also use 2 heal spells and 1 rage because my elixer is always full

  12. hi brandon i am french love you vidéos m'y level in english is very weak

  13. Yiyip sicamayan adam amin oğlu

  14. hello brandon how many accounts do you think your gonna have in the future ?

  15. Brandon I need help, im th9 with lvl 6 troops but I strugle to even get 50% . Can you recommend a attack strategy ?

  16. fail facecam

  17. show us some defense replays pliz

  18. very nice i like it with facecam

  19. will you play and farm in worl of tanks or robocraft

  20. CQOTD Are you going to gem your collectors?

  21. Niiiccee viideoo as always :). Nice to hear that you might start streaming again soon :D. Keep up the awesome work dude!!?

  22. Please remove the facecam

  23. Brandon my 3rd year of playing was on April 13, 2016. I'm not maxed out but close to a maxed th10. Since I've gotten older so busy now I can barely play.

  24. салам бранда баурм)

  25. Brandon you Legend!

  26. I love this séries ! ?

  27. Great vid Brandon I would try to find another place for the face cam but great vid overall

  28. Hi Brandon did you buy a new camera

  29. You can't upgrade Spring traps

  30. What's with the level 1 wall lol

  31. Hey Brandon, just wanted to know how you keep yourself motivated for playing CoC since it's the same 'EAT – SLEEP – RAID REPEAT' cycle? Btw, huge fan. Hope you reach level 400 soon!

  32. здаров китаец

  33. wow facecam

  34. Love the facecam brandon ps love how you are giving some tips to those who need them

  35. Brandon any advice for a new town hall 8

  36. awesome beacon ps I like the face cam

  37. 2nd

  38. are you going to be playing more on this account again?

  39. first comment