Max Mega Tesla Vs Max Hidden Tesla | BH Vs Th – Clash of clans

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    Sorry guys ! I haven't made a video on ice wizz + wizz vs all Troops because there was a problem in the server but I will try as soon as possible. 😊

  2. They are better than mega tesla

  3. I Love Hidden Tesla😎😎😎

  4. You are so sweet.

  5. 11 times

  6. 9 times the mega tesla win

  7. Plzzz do barbarians Vs archers plzzzzz

  8. I love

  9. Musik 1

  10. 8 times

  11. Pl s server link

  12. Yay TH12 is coming coc has realease a video dat gives a hint about it

  13. sorry to say this but hidden Tesla are aslo in the BH so it like it's BH vs BH TH

  14. Mega tesla won 10 times

  15. 10 times

  16. Can you please get rid of the walls for the bomber to attack the max mega testla and for the testla no walls but sumon it in the max testla plz.

  17. By the way gud video..

  18. Mega tesla won 10 times

  19. Lu 1 queen vs lv 20 grand warron

  20. I think 8

  21. Mega tesla won 8 Times

  22. Your videos are as good as i want to do 1000 subscribes to you and 100000 likes to your vids but can do only one . Good work .keep it up .

  23. He mega testla fire rate is slow and its single you should have done BH hidden testla vs TH hidden testla

  24. 10 times

  25. Cool. I love teslas. And plz Song at 0:27

  26. Please do troops vs Wizard Tower trap

  27. RIP xD

  28. 15

  29. Wild drag gaming plz make on 2 baby dragon vs 1 baby dragon
    U said i'll make soon but you make it yet πŸ˜₯plz make it


  31. All troop vs the selves

  32. For The Next Video…..I Have Some Ideas:
    1)Maze About : Who's The Smartest Troop
    2)Lava Hound V.S. Dragon
    3)Goblins V.S. Wall Breaker (The Terrible Twosome In Request Donations/Players Hate In Requests)
    4)If The Lava Failed At #2,Do Baby Drag V.S. Lava Hound
    5) And The Last One….BH Baby Dragon V.S. TH Baby Dragon
    Well…Hope I Get A Shoutout πŸ˜€Enjoy Wild Drag If You Got Some Ideas Because Of This πŸ˜ƒBeen Pleasure To You To Have This Comment To Have Some Ideas 😁Bye Now 😊

  33. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‰

  34. inferno tower vs all troops

  35. can i get a shoutout

  36. Love Ur videosπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š


  38. 10 times mega Tesla won

  39. 15 times I think

  40. The music is very nice