MAX WITCH VS MAX TOWN HALL | Clash of Clans | Mass Bowler and Witch Strategy

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  2. Yess!! COC!!

  3. It will take more or less. If you online.

  4. Cam do you get bored of playing coc and clash royal

  5. That's so really good video CAM :)

  6. Wasn't there a max golem at 13:30 where did it go XD?


  8. Why did i just watch this whole video, i dont play coc anymore ?


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  11. Is Cam 18-19 years old?

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  15. cam should do a video of playing clash royal on 3 devices

  16. why do you still have level 5 golem?

  17. After seeing this vid,,,I went back and saw ur starting videos,,,love cam,,cam is life ?….plz make coc videos,,,cr needs a break,,plz cam

  18. Cam, when will you be recruiting TH8s again? I'm in the Discord recruitment chat and your recruiters are not sure when

  19. nic intro

  20. if you played the ice wizard in clash of clans like this comment