Mega Attacks #4, 3 Stars with Mass Dragons – Clash of Clans

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  1. Q: What are you going to do with all your gems?

  2. can you learn how to speak clearly in your videos and stop pronouncing "lavaloominions" when it's called "lavaloonion"

  3. Galera ,Querem Me Ajudar E Serem Ajudados ? Então Usem Esse Código No Whaff CG51312 :D

  4. (:

  5. I have seen many people More than lvl300 in coc if u don't level up now they will surpass u ..#ClashOfClans-Brandon

  6. U must be at No.1 spot in trophies…More people will know u n subscribe u….

  7. Q will u upgrade ur th to th 11 in your brandon3 account?

  8. Yeeee edoroma is another important ex italian champ member:D

  9. omg Brandon ur really a genius when I watch u how attack and get some freaking loot I'm existed and after I finish the video i go to clash to attack for some lot and I failed …? sometimes I think about delete coc ??

  10. ????

  11. my goodness what a crazy attack

  12. 2:20 Archer Tower? 😀 Quen

  13. Nice video man

  14. nice

  15. its would be a shame if he didnt tripled… that first attack was basically on a th9 with one extra xbow and without cc or even traps ?

  16. Deep nutz

  17. Question : why don't u have a face cam?

  18. Hey Brandon.
    Question: What troops do you use for war attacks? Lavaloon or hybrid?

  19. Yayayayayayayyaayyyyy!

  20. Hlo brandon….have u got any strategy against the new defense?