Meta TH9 Attack Strategy 2018 in Clash of Clans

  1. Time problem for low hero

  2. I am using queen walk witch valk for ring base,cc golem ,always 3s ,lvl10 heroes can try, spell 2rage 1heal,1jump.

  3. Hey Wicked I would like to join your clan ı have 1600 war stars and th9 please…end ı'm from turkey

  4. Aq walk can be done with lvl 1 queen but for a reliable attack we should use lvl 20 up queen

  5. I use hghb

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  7. nice video ! Can aq walk be done with level 10 queen

  8. only lvl 15 queen 🙁

  9. Can aq walk be done with level 20 queen

  10. Going to try this next war!!

  11. I am for sure trying this next war. It looks good

  12. Great video!!

  13. Okie wicked I will change my base

  14. Love the strategy.. I will try it for sure

  15. Wicked is X-loyal recruiting town halls 9

  16. I still use laloon

  17. burnt rock star's base like a savage ?

  18. Me loved your video

  19. I'm almost a max th9 and I've been using hog riders since th7…crushing max th9s with hogs and gowiwi

  20. Love your videos…I've learned a lot from you…ty

  21. Awesome bro you are awesome it was useful

  22. I’m a th9 player so I live content like this keep it up

  23. Keep up the gd work love those th9 vids

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  27. do this strategy work with queen lvl 13 and king 12. if not then which will be better for low level heroes

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  29. Great strategy ,

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