Mind Blown… 38 Giants! 3 Stars Mass Giants Attacks on maxed TH10

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  2. omg… I still dont know what is happening…

  3. OMG that is awesome lol. Lava hound or no, that is the first 3 star on a max base with mass giants I have ever seen (in war)

  4. Doesn't count if there are lava hounds in the CC doing nothing to your giants. Should me one with a dragon and balloons in that CC and i'll be impressed.

  5. stunning!!!

  6. lmao

  7. Love the music :)

  8. wtf o.o

  9. Impressive!!!

  10. wow i'm going to have to try that

  11. WOW!! barely touched any spring traps?? I take that was a nice fat L for that war?