MINE for CLONE Fix that Rush ep57 | Clash of Clans

  1. hey Kluas im th9 with 57 lvl 7 walls 3 lvl 8 and like 200 pink walls and i still have th7 troops so i cant win raids so i cant get loot from lower town halls than me half of my defences are still th7 i dont know what im going to do please help

  2. Good vid

  3. My base also lik

  4. My base also lik

  5. Could you make a tutorial how to switch accounts?

  6. You are madarchod ??

  7. Thanks to this series I fixed my rushed TH8 and have now started the journey into TH9… Not gonna rush again

  8. Plz don't end this series

  9. I only love fix that rush series

  10. #MINERS

  11. Good luck for farming buddy?

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  14. make a TH8 Base Layout

  15. Lol, I saw destroyer on global and am friends with EXTERMINATOR!! in your clan

  16. Jasper……

  17. Good video

  18. Are you going to upgrade walls out at 10 before going to th10 defences ?

  19. Love ur videos!! I love watching your videos not other youtubers because they just gem thier bases and I love watch FArming! That's why i love you!

  20. Nice video Klaus use different troops ?

  21. Bro last week I saw your all series of fix that rush! Wow your Savage bro! Keep it up,……..

  22. Is minimax/engineered base still worth to build?coz im still keep mine.thx?

  23. I’ll don’t think I’ll ever get bored watching miner attacks 🙂

  24. Good video but can u plz stop reexplaining the wall system every single video?

  25. Good stuff

  26. I upgraded to th11 still have 1 pekka upgrade 1 miner 1 jump 2 clone 2 poison 1 eq 2 haste 1 hog and 1 minion upgrade.Other than that I've half my walls max lvl 35 Aq and lvl 37 Bk and apart from that I'm maxed. Thoughts??

  27. Can I just time warp to see if he ends up “Fixing that Rush”

  28. Fix that dang thing!!!! Lol.. ?

  29. Yea a rush video..was nice to see

  30. My acc is called fix that Rush 3acc

  31. I live in switzerland and watch Videos all night sub at 2k

  32. in first 500

  33. I have a th9 that's about maxed and a th10 that I purposely rushed.. I might do something like you with yours

  34. Nice, keep it up klaus

  35. Hey Kluas love your vid as always

  36. Hello

  37. Just show The guick train Cost of miner army and go Bo witch

  38. Great vid again

  39. Thanks you for the help un rushing my base

  40. Would you show on someof your vids how much does The army cost