MOST OP, 3-STAR Strategy in Clash of Clans?

  1. Galadon – the kind of guy to get a 1 star on a not fully maxed th11 and a 3 star on a max th11

  2. I was wondering why Gally uploaded a CoC video, then I realized it was inspired by PB


  3. U should play GoWiPe more

  4. Yo Galadon….hogs can survive double giant bombs…just have a heal over that spot.
    Was changed a few updates ago.

  5. You should apply for a trademark #98%1*

  6. galadon my you tell people that sub me i am a youtuber please name of my youtube is reshma lc

  7. I came here to see if this guy still even does YouTube. This guy is so irrelevant now

  8. Look at those strategic hog deployment

  9. There's only one thing that is more op than this strategy. Galadon's credit card.

  10. Well time to get max heros I see.

  11. How do you get so much gems

  12. Save at least 5 miners to finish the middle


  14. These are farm bases try doing the same on a war base not maxed to teeth and u will know the difference.

  15. Awesome video, as always!!!

  16. Good advice

  17. Upload a vedio on th9 3 star th9 without heroes with cc troops in opponent clan castle

  18. First 100 And I Don't Even Have Nofactions On Lol

  19. 13 uncollected achievement rewards. OCD's kicking in

  20. Do you think you could make a video of how to be as good at clash as Peter17$

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  22. Powered by PowerBang

  23. Galadon, I would like to see another Quest to 5000 trophies or higher if you have the time! Your videos are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  24. If galadon can 3, the strat's OP lmao

  25. Hey could you make a video on the do's and don'ts of every top strategy in builder base.. it would be very helpful.

  26. If galadon can 3, the troops op

  27. I use hog at twhl 9 .

  28. Powerbang suggested, in one of his videos, to bring a miner to clean up the core, so that way you don't get 98% one stars.

  29. Yay finally a normal base video! Thanks Galadon more please

  30. If galadon can three…..the

  31. Galadon thats why people don't spend a hundreds dollars to have queen 50 lvl, they are absolute garbage. The don't even know the tactics and how to use it. And you do this of course because of money, but i can beat you as a th10 to be honest

  32. Love the PB shout out!! How doesn't love PB and BangerNation?

  33. She smells you " you havent shower in a week "????

  34. I Remember in the Stream??

  35. Notice: If Galadon 3 stars a maxed base…the strategie is Overpowered

  36. This should be getting more views

  37. please nurf…

  38. Is chief pat ur son?

  39. To be honest ,99 percent of my wars are 6stars

  40. Lol modding

  41. If Galadon can 3 the strats op!

  42. 4 short days until my TH11. Dudes still don't hit my max TH10 for high percentage so there is still some attack skill needed.

  43. Unsubscribed.

  44. As usual, again awsome video sir?✌

  45. the only problem with infernos nerf is keeping there war weight the same
    they should low it a little bit
    who else agree?

  46. Add a miner to that attack for the center

  47. It's not op unless you 3 bases back to back. Sick of you youtubers whining about op attacks but you only 3 a base 1 time and it's op. You're good youtuber but quit shouting op about every attack. You're ruining the game for REAL players!!!!