Most UNUSUAL 3 Star Attacks in Clan War | Clash of Clans

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  3. Number 1. Nice AQ walk

  4. the 1st is weirdest… good planning widow

  5. I wonder if my Quad Pekka/Double Drag/Wiz/wall breakers is a good 3 star towh hallq

  6. Good that more unique attacks are shown. Have lot to learn

  7. 1st is strangest

  8. wicked unbelievable attacks!!!! i am very enjoyed this attacks. thank u..!!!

  9. Keep up the good content


  11. that valk at the end looks like she is horny daaam..

  12. first one is too wierd

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  14. Drags and baby drags aren't unusual anymore. Nice job making a video in response to my buddy USAJudo qw barching base 18. Guess you guys saw that the video is going around so your trying to show some "weird attacks" lol

  15. how u know that in china there are that cards and in other countries it is different

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  22. Don't forget to watch the clash of clans live stream!

  23. nice

  24. I think attack #1 was the weirdest, but it worked! I had never seen anybody using this weird army until today! dragons, hog riders, wizards= 3 star for Bada Bing!