My Thoughts on Jake from OneHive Quitting Clash of Clans

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  1. so many making tributes, what a way to go man

  2. RIP

  3. What about thoughts of PwC clan retiring?

  4. Great Thank You video to Jake. He will definitely be missed in the Clash community. He's the reason why me and my clan stuck with this game for more than 2 years. All the strats he taught us such as GoHo, GoLaLoon, and GoVaHo/Lo just made the game so much fun for us. But I understand how the guy's feeling because my clan and I have been feeling the same exact way for a while now.

  5. RIP clash… :((

  6. I love your channel klaus. i don't understand why don't you have more subscribers then tony and mystic. theybare just clickbaiters your videos actually have some meanings in it. keep up the good work.Thanks for your awesome guides

  7. Klaus I'm gonna miss him as much as u he helped me a ton pal. His war recaps were the best. Now I only got u klaus?

  8. Its a game on the app store, whats the big deal?

  9. Damn klaus, missing KoZ so much, hope I can join back soon

  10. Rip jake from state farm

  11. He kind of looks like jake

  12. Damn…

  13. your leader rejected me few hours ago. im th8 and im almost in masters 1

  14. #welovejake

  15. RIP Jake :(

  16. Inspirational jake ???

  17. You're amazing

  18. Response to this video:
    Jake, we love you!

  19. Amazing Jake