NAME CHANGE | Clash Of Clans | (New Future Update)

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  1. Could be a great feature… if no one trolls with it haha!

  2. 10k more subs till 1,000,000 subs YEEEAAAAAaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Finally, I can change my name. I rushed through the beginning because I
    didn’t think I would get so into the game.

  4. You cant change your name or else your villagers wont know where they
    live!! – The CoC loading screen 

  5. Incoming avalanche of “BigBuffetBoy85” and “AngryNeeson52” accounts.


  7. Supercell should only let you change your name once

  8. So close too 1mil keep it up!

  9. when i made the account i was like 13 so i made a weird name finally its
    here :D

  10. My name is CLASHofCLAN, I am so creative.

  11. I know ur clan name and im sure of it godson.I bet ut goes into ur troat

  12. Changing name! YEEAAAaaaaa!

  13. Supercell COC maintenance break
    Could it be “the” update
    Hope so
    Fingers crossed

  14. Yes! I get to change my name to Dezzz Nuts! Got emmmm hahaha

  15. Clan name changes..?

  16. I was one of those “so many of you” people who asked for a Name Change
    update. You’re Welcome

  17. My username is Lucifer ._. What should I change it to? 

  18. YESSSSS FINALLY! When I first made my account I let my friend pick it,
    And it was racist…. So FINALLY!

  19. I’m sure they will have a cool down period of a couple of months or
    something like that and names that are banned and stuff

  20. you have to thank me im spamd sc for this over a year everey day

  21. no they have been worrying about trolls joining to clans

  22. Thank God! My name is “RockstarzRacing” and it just sounds like Im a kid! I
    look forward to this but some people would go to far on changing their

  23. They should put the 1 unique username like other sites do