NEW “BABYLOON” Attack Strategy | Legend of the Last Baby Dragon! | Clash of Clans

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  1. That song at the beggining sounds so familiar

  2. So glad I'm getting baby dragons in 8 days

  3. #legendofthelastbabydragon

  4. what happens if a lava pup or golemite go through the clone spell? how much housing space are they?


  6. Im going to call it the baby dragon and balloon because im not a faggot who makes up words because im too lazy to say it

  7. Try a babion attack. Swarm with baby dragons and minions? I'll have baby dragons in 8 days!

  8. nice video.just updated the game.had some fun 3 staring clan mates in friendly battles

  9. hi wicked plz check out my channel

  10. #legendofthelastbabydragon

  11. if the housing space for baby dragon is less then it is a awesome addition to the game. thumps up for the supercell team

  12. #legendofthebabydragon

  13. Really Nice Vid Wicked! 😀 #LegendoftheLastBabyDragon

  14. cool??

  15. #legendofthelastbabydragon

  16. #Legendofthelastbabydragon Great vid wicked! It was fun as always ?

  17. i feel very sorry for this base ! you keep smashing it over and over? plz show some mirsy

  18. #legend of the last baby dragon!!

  19. Nice video

  20. hy

  21. lol

  22. 1 and half hours until update is live 🙁 It's 12:34 am for me and I have exams tommorow