NEW BEST SUPER QUEEN Attack Strategy | TH9, TH10 & TH11 Farming Dark Elixir & Loot (Pt. 1)

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  1. super queen is the best.
    I want to see super queen.

  2. i'm a th 10 trying to farm against max th 10s… help?

  3. If your farming de, chances are your King and/or queen will be upgrading so in my case, I wouldn't be able to raid for over a week

  4. too many spells used

  5. This strat was out of hand for a bit. Myself as an average th9 was getting raided by rushers with level 3 aqs and got ripped apart. Glad they crippled this one.

  6. nice video. most of us don't have maxed troops or heros so this is a big help!

  7. Can this strategy be done with a level 10 AQ, against a standard th9?

  8. Yay :D

  9. Nice Video Andre! Mind checking out my channel as well?

  10. Nice guide andre…
    there is one ques!
    instead of jump, can we merge 4 quakes to help troops to get in center?
    will that be more effective or not?

  11. These are good clash tips. Thank you

  12. Your videos are GREAT bud, fantastic. Keep it up pal!!

  13. #supriseatend

  14. this video really helps.good advices with how to use this strategy successfully … i want to ask you question andre. did you farmed your walls and defenses in crystal league??

  15. Nice video buddy!

  16. Digging The Next Episode Outro!! Keep it lol! I can't do this attack my AQ is stupid? Love the long video man Keep it up!!;)

  17. damn thank! I was a comment in that video! :D

  18. You're awesome! Great vids dude

  19. Its good to see that you involve your fans in your videos!

  20. What's your intro song?

  21. Nice video Andre! If possible, could you make a TH 8 Dark elixir farming strategy post-update? I've been having a difficult time finding DE on my TH 8!

  22. amazing tips bro 🙂 I wish I had a higher lvl queen lol mines is lvl 5

  23. You should try Giant Arch

  24. Sweet strategy! I will definitely be trying this out and can't wait to see the second part of this guide! :)

  25. sick strategy bro. when are you coming out with part 2?

  26. Nice video thanks for the #surpriseatend ;)

  27. Yay ur posting again ur the best bro I luv ur videos

  28. Nice video

  29. First

  30. Would you rather have a 35 minute video or two 18 minute videos?

    Make sure to check the ending of this video to see if your comment was posted! 😀 <3