New BEST TH8 TROPHY/WAR Base Design 2017!! COC Town Hall 8 Defence – Clash of Clans

  1. Nice video

  2. Just made a new clan, Left old clan cause they weren’t doing wars. I need loyal & active members Clan Name: ClashForTheBoys

  3. Lol i have already destroyed this type of base 100% iam also th8

  4. You could have said you were going to show it in slow motion I won't have to keep pauseing it anyways thanks

  5. Can you show just walls

  6. I had this base for a week it is mostly intimidating because of its sheer size great for defending loot haven’t tried it for war yet but your worst nightmare is a giant dragon attempt if successful it will be devastating

  7. omg i had no idea that there was a slow version and i was copying along with the fast one.,…..

  8. good performance dude

  9. This song is beasty name please ? First song and good video ?

  10. good job

  11. Hello



  14. does not work at all

  15. NICE VIDEO !! ♥

  16. Cool. Keep up the good work b0i

  17. Please try some new layouts for th8. In this video there are total 20 amazing war bases for th8


  19. Bro can we get another awesome war base with proof for th8 ,this is my humble request

  20. I had 1 wall missing

  21. I had 1 wall left
    when their were none in his stuff left

  22. proof??

  23. King can u donate me on th 9 or 10 I'd please

  24. Nice Base thanks

  25. I am almost max Town Hall 7 so this will be useful when I get Town Hall 8!

  26. Th 9

  27. Th 8

  28. Good way to get attacked by dragons lol

  29. TH9 Bease pls

  30. We need to proof