New BEST Town Hall 8 [TH8] TROPHY Base 2017!! COC Th8 Trophy Base Design/Layout – Clash of Clans

  1. King bro good Base but I need a cc in middle Base as I am in master so plss cc in middle base

  2. Is this base actually good ?

  3. if u add some defense replays it will be great ?

  4. Does it work?

  5. Plss add replays guys like me so king gamer will add replays

  6. Base but I keep losing but I am inspired by you to push I am a th7 max champions 2 almost champion 1

  7. King I have subscribed you since your 2k I am reporting why don't you add replays at your th7 and th8 videos only th9 and th10 you add replays I always copy your base but I keep losing but I have been inspired by you to push I am a th7 max champions 2 almost 1

  8. Started to llay clash of clans again. You remember me right? Anyways, can you make TH 9 bases?

  9. Bro you are the best Coc YouTube. Everrrr!!. Appreciate you work. Keep it up. Love ❤️ you.

  10. I have a base

  11. Nice vid

  12. As y’all can obviously see he’s not in a clan duh…..king I’m in ur Clash Royale clan , join my clan in clash of clans , we can make videos together bro I make videos too , not on this youtube channel but I have a youtube channel called The new clasher and I make vids on there if u join my ckan we should totally make a video together Thad be lit bro , by the way I love ur videos! , my clan is #JCPGURVL

  13. Pls you can do a th 9 pls

  14. What clan r u in? I’d love to join as I am also th8

  15. Early squad ! A great video . I am going to copy this base ! . best base . thanks for this awesome video . bro . thanks a lot !

  16. looks great going to do it

  17. How do you know if this base works

  18. Bro how to join your clan i have 1800 trophies invite me #9UP8YP8JP BASE FOR ME

  19. 1st bro

  20. king plz do ur attacks also plz

  21. plz Do slowly OK

  22. Bro want a heart from you.

  23. You should show attacks at the end of you builds

  24. 2nd

  25. Bro we need a facecam.

    Those who want a facecam hit like??.

  26. hi jadon

  27. 2nd

  28. 1st
    But no one gives the fuck