NEW Clash of Clans Loading Screen LEAKED! | Update Explained

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  1. All the troops that has died


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  4. The skeleton is holding that "shield" the barb and giant are not stepping on it

  5. bro I am your biggest fan pls can you give me proof this is real pls reply

  6. Ur a retard

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  8. How

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  11. U forgot all about that little red thing

  12. Wierd character

  13. That

  14. What is that thing near the wizard?

  15. ok listen, the thing they are carrying looks like it would carry a dead body and there is a red face like thing in front of a barbarian towards the middle

  16. the platform that u say is the same thing that the barbarian is holding and if u see close the skeleton is holding it

  17. please do your research properly because the kanji they're holding translates to festival. At the top it also means 3 year anniversary

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  20. What is this on right side of wizard

  21. I don't think its a platform. It looks more like a coffin wich definetly make sense with the symbol.

  22. The thing the barbarians are carrying, is it the builder hut???

  23. Maybe they're making the wizard as a hero

  24. Everyone Know that the giveaways is scam!

  25. Past amazing it’s look like a fan because the skeletons is holding it like a fan for the wizard

  26. what if it is the builders dead body?

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  28. That's not what the character on the fan means it means festival

  29. The loading screen looks amazing! I've heard that some russian guys got into the "Clash Of Clans" moddels, so they can made it, or leaked it..?!

  30. The shield that's down on the ground looks similar to the fan the barbarian is holding but the skeleton is holding it as he's tripping

  31. This is fake the troops look slightly different look at the faces

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  33. omg people the the skeleton is holding the flouting sign with a piece of grass

  34. what is that next to wizard

  35. Look closer at the skeleton in the bottom left. He's actually holding the stick connected to the "hover board" meaning it's actually just the skeletons fan.

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  37. that thing that the wizard is on is a coffin!

  38. did you see that little dragon between the barb and giant

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  41. There are to many new things to be real


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  45. ITS Chinese

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  47. Btw, the disc thing you thought was a shield isn't that at all, it's just another sign that the skeleton was holding, just as the barbarian was.

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