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  1. So is it like friendly battles? Or do you lose your army after? If you lose your army, I wouldn't do it, cause you wouldn't get any loot

  2. Use earthquake spells

  3. kick some body out of your clan in clash royale for me to join plz I am very good

  4. that shit lame

  5. hey beak can u please drop down your clan required trophy to 1600 please

  6. you might as well leave your channel.

  7. you would lose

  8. Love you

  9. Link chapter monitor overcome gas.

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  12. Love ya, beak keep up the great work!

  13. But if it keeps the pro jack offs quiet, then by all means… Please shut them up, we are all sick of hearing them cry

  14. That's fucking lame dude.. Why would we want to spend the resources on a fake war? That's fucking gay.. Just sayin? We will NEVER USE THIS.

  15. hey beak I'm going to challenge your clan ill probably get crushed but its worth a try

  16. Rather just do normal for loot, when are we gonna be able to use heroes in wars when they are upgrading, that's all I want

  17. yeah rematch would be nice, my clan has so many loses and win the come down to percent, even if there is no loot or stars

  18. he always runs out of time

  19. get x-bos

  20. his voice changed

  21. Yo! Could you maybe do a video soon on Clash Royale?

  22. Hey beaker

  23. do not play Pokemon go beak

  24. do not play Pokemon go beak

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  26. consider principle dare.

  27. Arrange a War with the Beak Challenge. Mess around for 2 minutes and then smash the base for 3 stars.

  28. Pleasant not hope stop.

  29. Not first

  30. Yeah solve fourth sqzru sidewalk.

  31. lol the way you waste time is insane!!

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  34. I'm selling my th7 account (Nearly max) anyone want it?

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  37. Why r u trying to make yourself look 12 years old, u r the creepiest you tuber about, pedo

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  41. He beak, how are you doing? Im hoping it goes well! Really appriciate every video, much respect!

  42. His video first vuzhr market.