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  1. thanks for the info Ash! ??

  2. will it trigger giant bombs??

  3. Very nice

  4. Lvl 8 giants, lvl 7 wb's, and lvl 11 barracks need to be in the sneak peaks still. (Oops did I spoil too much?)

  5. how much  coast upgrade dark spell factory to lvl 4?

  6. that's gonna help clean up alot

  7. Great episode. I really like how you showed us the upcoming features. Keep up the great work. ???

  8. When is the update coming out?

  9. Thanks Ash…good content

  10. It would be OP is it could trigger double giant bomb!! But I hope that they could trigger DGB 😛 But they can't !!

  11. Now there is no use of having a centralized cc, and hidden tesla ..

  12. ppl R missing the big picture to this New spell.. 7.7. Now No matter what base u build for hours. if ppl can just drop a skele spell to lure cc….. it sorta Nerfs the CC Again… sigh ? GJ Sc keep up putting some More Nails in Your Own Coffin..

  13. can we use it to trigger gaint bombs ?? that'd be dope

  14. Ooo ash i love u man.thanks for this news.BTW u remember me m warrior soumya from invictus.

  15. skele spell would work great in surgical gowi especially on dead zone bases, particularly on th9s

  16. Hmm they should update both the haste and rage spell to affect hit speed as well

  17. Can a crapload of them take a th if so then im not looking forward to it

  18. Village edit mode it's awesome 

  19. skeleton army from clash royale lol

  20. Are they strong enough to steal dark elixir? Look really cool

  21. good

  22. Might be good for air attacks. Drop em on an air D

  23. he talks like his tongue has lags. too sloww. its not the first spell that can be dropped any where wanted . all spells can be dropped anywhere wanted

  24. Now dark storages are doomed……??

  25. I guess this is why Supercell changed the witches' skellies not being able to trigger traps… so that this spell can't be dropped on traps and trigger them easily.