New Defensive Levels + Effects on War (October 2016 Update)

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  1. Awesome video, very different which I think we all like?

  2. (◣‿◢)

  3. I love the vids, thanks! You kept mentioning a Mortar change to TH9 though, which are lvl 7's at max. The increase is to lvl 8/9's, and lvl 10 being the new one. Maybe I just read that wrong.

  4. Eating bwekfast and watching vids op

  5. Everything was going well….then supercell buffed hogs like anything.

  6. Gazzete, PLEASE zoom in and move your screen when you are recording, this looks monotone and seriously hurts my eyes when i watch something so far out, i have to move my eyes very close to see anything, please!!!

  7. What do I need to do to get into One hive Genesis???

  8. I was hoping to hear you speak your opinion on the bomb tower being added but overall nice video & this game is taking a turn for the better.

  9. do you have line app?

  10. You mentioned about making changes in the th11 v th11 game play with new defense level but you did not mention the th10vth11 two star attempts and how new defense will make it more challenging to get the two star preventing th11 the amount of attacks they can burn dips on th10.

  11. new def building=new base arrangement and placement

  12. Nice video man :D

  13. Also nice video :p

  14. First

  15. I dont know how I feel about the dgbs not killing hogs :/ (Th9)