NEW HERO LYRA GAMEPLAY | Vainglory Lyra In Action – Update 1.19

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  1. Why you have this version of vainglory

  2. wow, I will buy this hero!!

  3. will the enemy be able to go into the teleport as well?

  4. awesome!!

  5. Damn she is op

  6. what is this hero position??

    its will be good at lane i think

  7. cool!

  8. I think when it comes to 1v1 or atleast some other situation she can put frst skill while attacking so that shell heal while attacking

  9. I think Rona is better with the back, she can jump with her skill and have short cool down

  10. Is 1.19 already out for Ipad?

  11. When is the update

  12. can she trap enemies with portals

  13. When's the summer update?

  14. can you tell me what app u use to record your screen

  15. she is op just like adagio

  16. Bentimm can you please give me a friend request my name is LostBlueHorse

  17. I need 1k for 8k I'm totally going to buy her

  18. Imagine if its 10,000 glory

  19. @4:16 ironguard contract yey! m/

  20. I guess the only reason she isn't OP is because she is so squishy.

  21. yawn damnit ben

  22. she's a backdoor machine- bentimm

  23. what the heck the he already has the update and I don't maybe it sucks to play on a tablet ._.