NEW LEVEL BARBARIAN KING!!! | Clash Of Clans | Max Troops Attack Live!

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  1. How to get views on your channel?

  2. gta 5

  3. Yes u will destroy the base

  4. I think ur next video is going to be balloon td battle

  5. You say bloody so much lol!

  6. is

  7. the next video on your other channel I'd going to be top 10 coc attacks

  8. i'm guessing your vid will be about things you want to see in the next clash of clans update

  9. next vid will be agario

  10. 10 things Clash of clans gamers want

  11. 10 things we want in clash of clans is going to be the next video if so i am an ios player and a dont want any shoutouts.

  12. ur next vid on 2nd chanel will be cod and a iOS card dm me on isnta if i win gt:Danielwilko

  13. I'm guessing next vid will be top 10 funniest GtaV fails most people do everyday

  14. hey Tony why dont u upgrade ur healing spell?

  15. The next video Will be the new game cod Black Ops 3!!

  16. Black ops 3

  17. Start up guild for clash of clans first 5 town halls

  18. any one need clan join my clan RIK Army

  19. I think it will be "Top 5 (or 10) things clash of clans players want"

  20. town hall 11