NEW Low Hero Hog Attacks TH9. GoHo + GaVaHo. 3 Star High War Attacks. Clash of Clans

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  1. mhhhhhhhh nice video bro ?

  2. Try out a skele spell in the cc instead of poison… helps to distract heroes and also good for cleanup

  3. I enjoy your queen pop, nice to see some hog action too. I've now gone to TH10, any chance that you can start showing TH10 content too?

  4. Nicely done!

  5. i love the details that you put in your videos. amazing work man.

  6. no th10 videos yet!

  7. Now i dont know how to use ground attack. Queen pop for everything

  8. no19 attacked no 5. awesome..i must say heroic attack :)

  9. Well done my friend. Well done. GoHo ftw

  10. For those with lower heroes or going up against higher lvl bases I recommend bringing cc bowlers with your killsquad.

  11. Great as always Cast. ??

  12. But nice vid doe

  13. Can u do a separate vid on luring cc or dealing with them while doing govaho cuz that's my problem I try luring them out and end up with 99percent 2star cuz I run out of time✌️✌????

  14. Wicked…thats brutal isn't it?

  15. ok

  16. nice vid cas. whats the minimum lvl for the heroes on this strats pls?

  17. hi

  18. ?????