NEW RECORD ! Upgrading 20+ Walls In 1 Minutes ! Clash of Clans !

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  1. Guys Giveaway 12 July ko End Hoga 😊👍Guys Ye Pehli baar Hamari channel pe ye record Banaya hai let's see kon is record ko todta hai 😁😃

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  3. Live stream kr dp

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  5. I want gems because I want to upgrade town hall

  6. 46 walls in one minute to level7to 8 my townhall is level 8

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  8. I need some gems for bilder hut

  9. What is u r clan name I join u r clan

  10. ketlu bake

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  18. It's only for fun… right

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  21. Bai ma apka clan ma ana sataho mara name ha miraz

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  23. I want 6500 gems for 5 builder please

  24. you are upgrading ur walls y making vedio (useless) of these?

  25. Coc reality channel is my favorite channel he is best

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  41. Hi vishal I need gems as I told u I've maxed my th7 with 3 builders I'm waiting for gems to unlock 4th and 5th builder to move to th8 plzz help me to get them

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