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NEW “SKELETON SPELL” Coming To A Dark Spell Factory Near You! | Sneak Peek #2 | Clash of Clans

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  1. #larryspell

  2. #larryspell

  3. Rip center cc

  4. originally I like the idea of this spell, but the ability to lure the clan castle makes it a horrible addition to the game.

  5. #larryspell

  6. New Skeleton Valkyrie Clan to challenge the Heal Valkyrie Clan for the crown of top Valkyrie clan? I'd REALLY liked to see it! A new challenger has arrived! #LarrySpell

  7. I think the it's not usefull anymore to put the cc in the centre of the base cuz with this spell the lure will be very easy!!

  8. lol

  9. #laryspell

  10. So basically critters

  11. Liked it , easy to kill Ground clan castle troops

  12. #larryspell

  13. Wow this is going to be a game changer

  14. #larr spell

  15. #larryspell

  16. 2:20 what up with your training barracks i think new elixir troop is also coming ????

  17. ###LARRY SPELL..

  18. #larryspell

  19. #larryspell

  20. #larryspell

  21. great one