New Sneak Peek | New Legendary Weapon, Shields and Helmets? | Clash Of Clans Update

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  1. I got this sneak peek from a japanese friend, have no idea if its real or fake, but the image looks real, let's wait for more information

  2. it's 100% real cz Japanese gave us a lot sneak peeks which are true

  3. ドズルさんの動画ではないか(´∀`)

  4. omg what's an epic update

  5. it is fake

  6. your clips are good but now you are making shit really!!!

  7. i hope this isnt true i hate this update !!!

  8. Go watch ANIME !!Supercell wont add ever these things! And yeah This is fake because If we add shield to the troops then every base will get wreck!

  9. a SC mod has confirmed that its fake, u should've done some research first ?

  10. why are you sooo shy

  11. if this will come i will stop playing coc

  12. It's fake

  13. dónde puedo descargar el soundtrack de tu ending?

  14. #Fogazzi
    wow Jack, I thought you would know the difference between a fake leak and a real verifiable information.


  16. Is this fake or real

  17. adios a tu canal vaquero, fue bueno mientras duró :'v

  18. no lo se bato… parece falso v:

  19. I JACK SPARROW COC I'm your fan since last year,I always check and watch your videos but pls! remove this video or else they will ban your channel!They said if someone who post false or fake sneak peeks they will ban the user…

  20. anyone fasting nisfu sya'ban?

  21. anyone fasting nisfu sya'ban?

  22. I can't wait to see my barbarians attack in Spartans suit with helmets and armour haha

  23. hopefully this isn't real

  24. wow!

  25. Keep up the good work jack always love your videos :v

  26. Maybe you can finally customize your troops?

  27. Can't wait for it

  28. Plz use Ur own voice….

  29. lol go Siri

  30. If this happens at some point, it'll make the game a lot more interesting, and more content for YouTube as well?

  31. Even though it seems cool. I feel like if they do this is would just be a buff to offence. And tbh that isn't a HUGE update that would change the way people look at this game.
    Just my 2 cents.