NEW SPELL! CLONE! 4 SPELL COST = WORTH IT! :: Clash Of Clans :: Update Pt. 2

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  1. Can we clone the clone spell ?? :p

  2. If a cloned Hound is popped, will the Pups be clones or real? In this video I think time runs out on the cloned Hound and we don't get to know.

  3. -Well , th10's and below are fucked ?

  4. The new troop is going to be a miner from clash royale but proably different name !

  5. Can u clone a Gem Box??

  6. Did u say the update coming tomorrow dude

  7. Miner confirmed? That barracks looks like it..

  8. Did u say the update coming tomorrow dude

  9. it's really nice update

  10. lol Its lyk sc on a new lvl

  11. there's two shovels and a helmet on the barracks and gold box or colecter next to it ! I think the new troop will be the miner from clash Rodale or something like that !!?

  12. Wow.Something like Mirror.GAME-CHANGING THING This will bring so many new tactics

  13. Seems like whenever thay implement anything new to the game, it will be OP, but a month or so later they will nerd int to almost useless levels.

  14. best spell upgrade ever.

  15. SOOOO EXITET!Do you know the release date?

  16. why are the barracks different

  17. The wizard tower also shoot slower projectiles.

  18. Sup

  19. Wow! Level 409!

  20. these going to be cool thanks ash

  21. ash do it one with valks plz ….

  22. minners are in the new barricks !!!

  23. ash when this update

  24. Just a friendly reminder! All numbers, values, speculation, and times are subject to change as this was recorded from a develop build 🙂 thanks for watching!

  25. Can you duplicate queen? :D

  26. Sjow the attack in slow motion please!? #OPBowlers

  27. new spell but no upgrade to spell factory? wierd?

  28. Skeleton spell + Clone spell = ?

  29. Ironic that a year ago godson posted a video of spell ideas and in that video I posted an idea called the cloning spell

  30. nice spell!!!

  31. clonegasm. lmao

  32. looks like mirror in clash royale

  33. Anyone seeing the Barracks have a new look? is that a new troop???

  34. Can you clone heroes lmao

  35. SC said Skeletons don't trigger the Clan Castle anymore somewhere.

  36. I just subscribed coz I like ur intro