New TH9 ANTI 3 Stars War Base Ft. BOMB TOWER | ANTI (Govaho + HGHB) + REPLAYS | Clash Of Clans

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  1. gonna give it a try, thanks for sharing ?

  2. Hey Make a th10 atacks please.

  3. What is the last name music?

  4. Nice base man… appreciate that you do it this base… I love this video man???

  5. حلوو عاشت إيدك ❤?

  6. All the replays were from decent players.. low lvl heroes and bad combos. There is no such thing as anti 3star. There are good players and bad players. Not hating, just saying

  7. Nice war base can you post a farming base of th 9 with bomb tower

  8. Nice base bro! Keep it up :)

  9. very nice base!!!?? thx

  10. nice ? will copy this base

  11. nice ? will copy this base

  12. i think that base would be easy 3star base…but i was wrong…great work team

  13. I love your videos, they've legit helped me so much as a th9 in war ?

  14. I love th9 war base RANSOUVI THANKSSSSSSSS

  15. i might use this base
    anyway great videos

  16. Hi bro, ım from turkey, your vidéos very good, ı want to stratégie witch atack th 9.. Thanks

  17. Nice base,but i'm still a th8.Can you please make a video for th8 war base.

  18. nice :D

  19. nice video , pls make a th8 base anti 3 star

  20. great