NEW Th9 ANTI 3 Stars WEIRD War Base | ANTI (TH10 ATTACK + GOVAHO + MASS VALKYRIE) | Clash Of Clans

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  1. song track plz

  2. Thanx dude… really looking for it..

  3. Greetings From Puerto Rico!

  4. es un buen diseño. pero si es acta esta base para defenderse contra un th 10. o no!! es la unica duda y gracias sigo aprendiendo gracias a tus bases y ataques saludos RANSOUVI espero tu proximo video

  5. Bomb tower gampang ancur ya gan

  6. my only problem is the attackers all used quake spells. they only failed by not having poison on cc.. all our th9 war bases are anti 3 star if you dont handle the cc

  7. Nice Base ! Can you build a good Th 9.5 without the new defense buildings ? The new Walls are ok. Thx !!!a

  8. I wil test it. One question. Why do you set the xbows in ground?? I think is better in ground/air becouse so you avoid the lavaloons attack, no?

  9. Siddiqui possible taking section

  10. In my opinion, the replays can't convince me that this war base is useful. They use valkyrie without cleaning the baby dragon. Of course they failed. By the way, the base doesn't anti air attack

  11. a th8.5 protect dark elixir pls

  12. souvic, may i know the title of this song pls?

  13. muito bom ?

  14. pliz base coc th 8 anti 3 for war

  15. Will this Base defend against bowler walk…ransouvi..?

  16. Ransouvi молодец классно

  17. base anti aqw pls

  18. Nice bro 😀
    Great as always ;)

  19. nice base , plz do a th8 version of this base . Thank you bro 😀 (with tesla and Wizardtower farm please)

  20. u show us fail attack.i can 3 star on your damn base for sure

  21. Nice video mate. I should give a chance .Can i join your clan i am TH9 with queen 17 and king 13 ?

  22. Ransouvi – Clash Of Clans can u make th8.5/8.75 war base?pls…

  23. very good base!!!!

  24. Can you please make TH9.5 war bases? like the number of defences is same as th9 just more walls which we get at TH10. please!!

  25. Good ???

  26. How can I join Your clan??

  27. keep up the good work with tis videos

  28. koi base choda h jo 100% nhi mara ho tune?

  29. nice base…
    but aaj anti 3 star dala kl tu how to beat this base walli video daal dega??

  30. nice bro

  31. its look like nice . but i think it easy for queen walk .