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  1. I've seen this base over a year ago, it's not new.

  2. Why does every base on YouTube show attacks from weak Troop levels

  3. Türk yok mu amk

  4. Thanks Man i copied this base and it really works

  5. wowza, i copied ur base but edited a bit.The clan castle won't do much for me and the 2 x-bows should switch place with archer queen and clan castle.Anyways,thanks.i slowed it down to .25x speed in order to copy ur base lol

  6. Sick base

  7. lul

  8. Why haven't I discovered this channel earlier

  9. I try this base

  10. I love your intros🙌🙌

  11. Best Town Hall 9 Farmimg and Trophy/ Hybrid Base 2018:

  12. U know we can. Copy u base just let use join then we Copy ur base

  13. super bas

  14. next pls th9 anti 3 star base

  15. does this work on champion league?

  16. What do you recommend doing First When I Get my th9 finished upgraded (im Max Th 8)

  17. Bro this base is awesome mostly people surrenders on this base.

  18. i' trying to copy cat you town defence and position but not 100 %. ,80% maybe.. haha.. because my contruction and defence structure too many not same liKe you show.. hehe..

  19. This is the updated version of your older

  20. Please Man
    Do TH11 Base Farming For Me ❤

  21. Cant you just air attack this and lightning spell the two air defenses next to each other attack from the top and take out the other 2

  22. My player tag #8lcqo20j

  23. your troops on cc was protecting your base cause they would 3 star it

  24. Hi I just upgraded to a th9 will the base still work good cause I was maxed th8 when I upgraded

  25. Thanks

  26. Suck

  27. I love the base and how you showed the different attack strategy’s and how the base is not invincible but still really good, I’m making it right now

  28. Screenshot at 4:20

  29. Replays at 4:30

  30. Does this work with rushed bases also? 🙂

  31. Th9 war base please?

  32. Good video like for the intro hahaha

  33. i made it 0.75 speed to catch up lol.

  34. You are The best

  35. Thanks for this I was wanting this now only thanks Vere much

  36. cool…fcking great