NEW TROOP “ELECTRO DRAGON” LEAKED! (TH12 Update) | Clash of Clans TH12 Update Leaks & Sneak Peeks

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  1. I bet past Amazing won’t pin this

  2. I have pressed the notification bell

  3. When it will come

  4. theres a difference between "leaked" and "supercell told us in the game news"

  5. Ur gud truer

  6. No

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    He/she hava a builder statu ,but
    How tell me about it

  8. It's not leaked if he showed it and obviously knew he was showing it doofus. Just click bait

  9. Hi

  10. siege machine idea: Trebuchet

    The Trebuchet is a long range unit with medium health, low area damage, and a 10 tile attack range(though anything that is three tiles or close cannot be attack by the Trebuchet). The Trebuchet will find the closest path to the town hall and then will slowly advance stopping to attack defensive building that get in range. Once the town hall is in range of it, the Trebuchet will switch from firing large stones and bombs and will throw a MASSIVE (and enchanted) barrel at the town hall containing all of your clan castle troops. After that the Trebuchet will deactivate and will be taken out of the fight.

    My idea was that it would be unlocked at the siege workshop at level 3 and would act as a great long range sniper weapon that would carry your troops to victory.


  11. I need a coc second account th7+ for farming points for cw. It can be rushed. Please leave a reaction if you have one.

  12. E thing is the E meme xD

  13. Yayyyy coool videoo your da best!

  14. Gotta give you a thumbs up for beating all the others with update news. Every Damn Time!

  15. Electro Dragon as a CC troop?

  16. Awsome vid

  17. nice

  18. This is true buddy

  19. Why did you have to photoshop a normal dragon wtf

  20. Someone doesn‘t know what leak means

  21. General Tony is a Liar! He said that it will be called Mega Dragon, 40 Housing space! LIAR!

  22. What your player tag past amazing

  23. Bro how much it's housing space

  24. what is really called the other video said its name is dinosaur and here called electro dragon???

  25. this ain't 4 me

  26. Bhai itna matt karo like

  27. What Give away accont

  28. Yes like small freez

  29. If this leaks true I'll be slightly disappointed it's nice we have another dragon but I was expecting like a new troops that was nothing like what we have already have I mean it's cool I just hope we get another troop too.

  30. He is the worst Coc Youtuber

  31. Picture of bowler is wrong

  32. Click bait

  33. In the leaked photo of the housing space they have 3 siege machines?

  34. Ezilla named ? (from Godzilla)

  35. Dark freeze spell

  36. Watch this video most nice video

  37. Dragon + Pekka = Electro Dragon?

  38. Plz can I join

  39. Abe kisko chutya banara, tune healer ki nayi level dikhayi par naya update me to healer upgrade ho hi ni re……😂😂😂

  40. That level 8 archer looks like a 1 level so bad 😧😧