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  5. I think some brand new troops are gonna be adding in the game. Like water carts,water barbs etc.Loved your video tony. You are the best Clasher and YouTuber.????????love you.

  6. Ive been gone for a year and the update still hasn't came

  7. or even a little island that has an ample amount of resources that are beneficial to every th something like there is 100,000,000,000 gold and elixir in the island and you can upgrade your boat to bring more and more resources to your villages. the max capacity would be like 1 m and takes 1 day to get there and 1 day to bet back

    or even new wate campaign maps would be little nice add on

  8. i hope they add something like weather as an extra, it would be cool to see rain and thunder

  9. porch flash encourage ygvxp makeup enthusiasm integrity themselves undergo pond budget except.

  10. Hi i am town hall 11too???

  11. Mabye barbarians can get summoned out of the water in attacks?

  12. I think that it may be a new troop

  13. Nicr

  14. #92JLLCQL Search me and give it to me. ?

  15. I have to join your clan i am th 11 please can i comeeeeeee

  16. I love your vedio

  17. Hi

  18. Maybe a new water hero you have to unlock by a ship to another 'island' that only consists of one resource called water (very original name)?. The new hero is called the Surf King and it's ability is called Water rush which allows the hero and any troops within a 15 block radius to be lifted up by a huge wave, carrying it over all of the walls. The ability is also reusable like the Battle Machines ability. You can only unlock the hero at th12. Also the hero can move from village to village!

  19. Troops from the night village might come into the day village

  20. Not nothing much because i am still trying to max out th9 n that pack for me will be really appreciated

  21. You can buy it. It's cheap for you but for me it's still not cheap. ?

  22. Подпишитесь на мой канал называется:Малик Магомадов

  23. Love from Norway❤️

  24. Hit the link to watch how to get drak elixir easily with a cheap troop

  25. Could be adding a new water hero

  26. Water barbs

  27. Ik there's 2 areas but I think there will be an under water base that also has hero's and under ground troops that you can bring into battle on your main land

  28. Love the vids keep up the great work

  29. #respecthijab