New Update! (Sneak Peek #1 – Walls)

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  1. I miss that update

  2. U liar I can't upgrade my walls with elixir

  3. مافهمت الي سعودي يرد على هههههه شاطح بين الاجانب

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  5. Supercell should make an update on the walls and turn the wall from blue to red to match the town hall

  6. It's not out yet

  7. I only use it for troops

  8. I only use it for troops

  9. all of you who's bitching, unless your walls are at level 11 just shut the hell up, you will need to upgrade regardless, this just helps everybody, just be happy they made the change, what if they made the change a year ago, there will always be someone who spend a lot of time playing before the change.

  10. eh… mine are up to dark purple now, so i dont really know what to say lol…

  11. They copied castle clash!

  12. They copied castle clash!

  13. I didn't know you can upgrade by row. the five years i have played i didn't know that!

  14. I tried to upgrade my walls in rows but it didn't work. I pressed select row but it didn't work.

  15. Finally row upgrades for walls :)

  16. Im done….. I was bored of just getting gold for walls before i upgrade my townhall to lvl 9 had all the time full elixier but no gold i even put my elixier outside of my base to get the enemys far away from my gold and to gift my elixier to them…. And now when i went from 6 million elixier down to 1.2 million u tell me that i will be able to upgrade walls with elixier too?u know what?….. IM DONE, NOPE THAT WAS THE LAST TIME U TROLLED ME, SUPERCELL, IM OUT…

  17. I always fill up on Gold but because of Walls i can use it after i max my base(Thank God).But i already have to use elixir for Troops, upgrade troops, and army camps, and barracks, and spells, and now Expensive Walls?!!! Really Super Cell!?

  18. Bout time

  19. OMG i can't WAITTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  20. Great, clash of clans is coping castle clash. Just like castle clash is coping clash of clans.
    No more original ideas!