NEW UPDATE TH6 HYRID BASE – 2 AIR DEFENSE 2016 (Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming/Hybrid Base)

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  1. Town Hall 6 War Base!

  2. Hey Could you make a trophy base that would be awesome!!!!!1

  3. and i just subscribed to u coc imanoob

  4. im a th 6 so this design will help me out because i didnt know where to put the 2nd air defense with the new update thanks

  5. thank you very much :D

  6. Nice one bro! Ill try it ;)+1 sub and like

  7. Make a th6 war base

  8. Thank u sooooooooo much because I just got th6 and the update came out and I could get 2 air defenses and I couldn't find any bases with 2 but then I saw this thanx

  9. 14th!

  10. +Elijah Mayfield plz

  11. can u post a video with my th6 trophies base

  12. nice can you make war bsae 6th ?

  13. Love the video, could you make a Th6 war base as well?

  14. can you make a trphy townhall 7 ? pls

  15. Can you make a Trphy Townhall 6 Base Please? :)

  16. nice tnkx