NEW UPDATE Town Hall 9 (TH9) Hybrid Farming Base Dark Elixir & Replays -Clash of Clans CoC Setup #4

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  1. congratulations

  2. Nice base design. I'll try it. but why no replays with gowiwi/ gowipe?

  3. Subscribed!!!!! Because this base is beast

  4. "New is always better" #LIKEABOSS :D

  5. TH6 With the update plzzzz

  6. aaro bro i think that the th9 base should be spreadable for each resources in different compound and make sure that the trap are perfectly placed for army hope u will keep close look on every side of base.

  7. aa

  8. Good base but df with the intro

  9. Do you guys think this layout would work in champions league?

  10. war base plz

  11. seems easy super queen.

  12. I also have to tell you… I have serious wall envy! I still have 26 level 8 walls to upgrade before I even think about going to level 10. After the recent game update, I am finding it more difficult to net enough loot to upgrade the walls as fast as I could in the past. With the level 10 walls costing 3M each, do you have any tips on getting enough loot to "quickly" upgrade them?

  13. I noticed several minor modification differences between your build video and replay videos in terms of storages, dark elixir drill, AQ and BK locations. Do you have a general strategy perhaps based on which hero is upgrading and whether you want to protect gold or purple elixir more? I'm typically always updating a hero so I'm keeping the active one closest to the dark elixir storage.

  14. By far my favorite base I've used ?

  15. hybrid base*

  16. hi! could you make a dark elixir farming base for town hall 8!

  17. Another bossy base ..yeaaah aaroneo

  18. Im going to give this one a try :)

  19. AaroNeo. plz make a th7 base. farming and hybrid plz. im about to be th7 tomorrow so plz make one. thx! Keep being a boss!

  20. Danm dude….So much bases!! LIKE A BOSS