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  1. Thanks for coming through today guys. Appreciate the love. Come hang with me on Twitter @EchoThruMe

  2. it is much easier if u walk queen in one side,golem+bowler+king in opposite side,and valk in the middle,7-9 valk is more than ennough

  3. Are bowlers needed for this attack??

  4. #procftw <3

  5. GOOOO Proc!

  6. Unbelievable

  7. First time i see this type of tH 9 attack destroy TH 10…

  8. Awesome attack

  9. your Videos are always great brotha going live soon try to pop in

  10. please buy a better camera

  11. Nice bro keep it up ??

  12. Thanks @echo for the shoutout for my clan procrastibators and thanks for featuring my attack (tempo)

  13. He uses Eminem's song in the intro

  14. I hate seeing valks and using em. Anyone in the clan if uses valks i shout at him but this strategy looks promising. Because there is actually no need of golems with valks. Moreover those quad quaks are useless. Well done FFS for composing this army with good spells. GG buddy. Loved it

  15. That's my favorite strategy at th9 <3

  16. I m trying this strategy in FCs and wrecking max 9s easily.
    But Echo can u tell me on what type of base it will fail..?

  17. I am form procrastibators 🙂 it was awesome to watch that hit live ???

  18. Love u bro!!! From india..

  19. Thanks for the shoutout Echo! #FalconEverything

  20. awesome

  21. This is pretty much my daily attack as a farming strategy. As a th10 I use a lvl 25 queen walk with 5 healers. 8 Giants 4 wall breakers 8 wizards. 11 Valks 3 rage 1 heal 1 jump and a poison. And a lvl 26 king. Never any cc cause I never donate so I don't ask lol ? it's so fun to watch the Valks just tear through a base with those rage spells.

  22. it's just being lucky that the healer transfer to the king and serve as the tank for the queen, but I'm pretty sure this is a strong attack for 9 v 9.

  23. very very impressive 9v10 attack

    however, 2s from running out of time (stupid AQ pathing smashing that wall unnecessarily). that would have been heartbreaking if that caused that otherwise great attack to fail

  24. Keep it up……????

  25. Interesting Video…. I m gonna try this… ??? btw…. Gfuel seems not to be available in Germany ?..

  26. wow nice attack th9 get full star on th10 its impossible.COC my name Ruthless King i want to join ur clan but i dont think so they will accept me.Bro ur Clan is Divine Justice if that was ur clan i send u friend rq plzzz accept me.In coc my name is Ruthless king but am not bad guy bcus my frnd put that name thats all tq ur my fans bro…….????☺☺☺☺

  27. Hey Echo! What is the best way to get in contact with you bro? Got some questions for you man!

  28. Nice, I think it's going to be the new meta

  29. Love this attack got it from ffs a few weeks ago and now it's my new strategy, nice video as usual mate

  30. Super! More falcon attacks please!

  31. Keep it up! Btw new subscriber here ?

  32. ecthrume sir , plz help us without non Max Hero's bcz Max people don't have Max Hero's , so share attacks without Max Hero's , this will help us

  33. Super attack i love it

  34. I use valks at th10 in war


  36. Loved the vid buddy , I don't realize the falcon was at th9 as well. ??❤

  37. Seems that the Falcon ( qw+valk dive) is quite powerfull , something different from the current meta , I Just love when these underrated redheads recieve some love ? (well they are my personal favourite) Thanks for the gr8 video echo , keep it up man ??

  38. Wow

  39. #FalconOP..i had great success with it

  40. Nice video. But you forgot ?

  41. I can’t even sometimes 3 star 9 v 9 and this dude just 3 stared th10 with th9 army

  42. Bro start making new content slowly since clash of clans is dying so you channel doesn’t die with it.

  43. Which is Ur editing software

  44. Again a nice video from echo ,loved it truly ,keep it up,have fun ,see ya???