NEWEST FEATURE – Friendly Challenge! – Clash of Clans

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  1. By the looks of it coc knows that it is dying out to royale so it is just trying to keep its head above water and find out what royale has that they don't

  2. it's a game and nobody should be made to spend 10 hours to be the best at it… this takes out the fun from competition

  3. Great Explaining

  4. how to use this feature?

  5. I think all of the people complaining that this takes the "skill" out of the game in favor of TIME spent are being ridiculous. How did they acquire that "skill" they are so proud of… It wasn't a gift from god. It came from the TIME they spent learning and improving.

  6. so when is the update? anyone know..

  7. Maybe testing your new base seeing the weaknesses and tweaking them is great

  8. Defences need a massive bump now to keep things balanced

  9. Great well balanced take Aro!

  10. disable it during war? whats to stop ppl from having a 2nd acct/clan

  11. Changes everything about the score of warring for us. What the heck is SC thinking.
    This is not Royale! it's a game that had been years in the community. way too late in the process to add something like this, 'after' users have built the environment.

  12. They need to make a 48 hour builder time on any new base design before you can attack it. Decoy bases will be a must during prep day. We are 900 xp from being a lvl 10 clan. Once we reach that goal I see us maybe searching war once a week. SC is lost and they seem to always stop short from thinking about every aspect to the game. SC has made too much money on this game and their developers have simply become lazy narrow minded fat cats. RIP CoC!

  13. AMAZING!!!

  14. Yup! Last nail in the coffin. I am hardly on clash anymore except for war attacks. I 3 starred a TH11 2/4 last war attacks because I know how to queen walk valk. Now if i dont 3 star it is a fail. Sorry i have no time and if i dont 3 star i become a liability. Seriously they just got rid of modding. Now we are all modders. Absolutely stupid! 

  15. At least it's available to everyone now and not just the modders. Fair play clans fought against it now they should be able to put there skill to use even more.

  16. The modders will be annoyed that to 'cheat' its more long winded, and fair play because now its less skill based. Strange move

  17. They shouldn't let you do this on war day, easy fix to make wars fair

  18. yeah man if it ends up being like that for wars, it'll kill wars for me…less about skill, more about time spent

  19. For me, this is clash's final nail in the coffin. Now every time someone does a legit attack the question will be if he did it on the 1st or 400th try, We all looked down on modding wankers that "cheated" this way. Now if you dont – you are the loser. RIP Skilled attacks. This is crap.