Ninja Live Episode #13

More unsuspecting victims of the ninja going for 3 star attacks. Even caught a few TH10 3 star attempts this time around. Hope you guys enjoy. Join me on …


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  1. Jesus that voice. First video I've seen, last I'll watch. You're not made for commentary at all.

  2. im loving the ninja series attacks are the best

  3. "oops we got inja'd again.." thinking to go back and correct it "..just the way it is" i lost it hahaha

  4. nice vedio..

  5. I hope TH11 will balance more but it seems that this new hero is what there trying to balance. Which i think is a terrible idea as if this hero is what stops this super OP defense if you have it upgrading it seems like it might be near impossible to 3 star a th11.

  6. Hi tnx for your help you are awesome

  7. Before when skeleton traps hit hogs while hogs hitting a building hogs will turn into skeleton the moment one of them get hit. but now hogs will destroy the targeted building first before killing those skeleton traps :3 is it just me? o.O

  8. I give this channel at least one year until it gets 1,000,000 subscribers

  9. how do u decide when to dump a base? like when it gets 3 starred once or what?

  10. Daaaang taking out all 4 ADs.. very well played sir!

  11. Loving the inja live videos, keep it up ;)

  12. Oh thank God, back home, freaking late and have a new video to chill at, I love you all in OH. That's me speaking and so is alcohol lol

  13. Is onehive gonna get scriming with we are Raiders on the 14th?

  14. Favorite CoC series on YouTube. :D

  15. Reaching 100k! Congrats Jake! :)

  16. Love watching this series because it gives me ideas to bring back to my own clan!

  17. nice video ! are u doing streams sometimes ?

  18. Jake, when ever my clan faces another good clan, we always choke and make simple mistakes we wouldn't make against other clans. Is there any tips you have to help us out?

  19. Your guys over there three staring th9.5s while im over here barley able to three star an internet style anti two th9. I gotta step up my game…..and my heroes.

  20. I woulda been pretty pissed off if I was A$AP and I got ninja'd on a really bad attack