Ninja Live Episode #18

The latest episode of ninja live with some fails, and an epic 3 star! Hope you guys enjoy. Join me on Bindle! #OneHiveRaids …


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  1. I guess the ninja is lurking… Waiting on his next prey, preparing and hitting when they least suspect it… Make episode 19 happen soon! And more to follow please, I just finished a marathon with the Twiddla videos and the ninja live videos

  2. vs a lvl4 clan lool

  3. Damn, he had an earthquake left, it would've gotten the th for him. Don't worry Sam I do that a lot too where I forget some clean up archers. It happens, but wow that earthquake spell being there really rubs me the wrong way.

  4. 1) watching warren attack — awww Jake and his loon comments hahaha
    2) watchig asap auzzy attack — 2 stars? ah.. he is human afterall. hahaha

  5. those th9 jumps are such an asset, didn't realize warren was a th9

  6. Jake, are you interested in sharing some ideas about mass witch/hocus pocus, perhaps for a how-to theory craft?  I have done quite a few of these at TH10 and 9.  I have seen you show a couple and not exactly break them down as expertly as you do other attacks.  For instance, on this video you seemed surprised that the wiz towers shut down the attack.  Maybe that's just because it was live.  Anyway, I have a few tips to share. Hit me up, or if not, plz consider doing that how-to on mass witch on your own! Peace.

  7. Hey Jake, have u ever considered making a keyboard shortcut for "you got ninja'd" or "ninja live!"? Thanks for the videos, love all the stuff you make?

  8. Hey Jake! I've been a fan of the channel since the start of the Elite Eights series when I was a new th8 learning to be the first hogger in my clan. Now a solid mid th9 with a beastly goho thanks to learning from the awesome attacks you keep posting from guys like hold my beer. Even used his redneck word of the day (rekt 'um) recently, lol. Thanks for adding hugely to the war community and congrats on 100k subscribers.

  9. yes…earthquake would bring the 2star…

  10. Since when did blueproud leave WHF?

  11. i hope sam used his eq to get the th and get the bonus at least

  12. Am I the only one to notice Sam could've used the eq on the th…

  13. sam got 1 star!!!! he used his earth qauke!!! to get the th!! haha

  14. Did sam use that eq to get the th? the world may never know…

  15. Can we get the onehive robot back for at least one of your series of videos?

  16. that Warren attack was excellent!

  17. Sam got the 1 star…. he had a quake left over for the town hall

  18. jake your baby is crying dude… enough of this game your life now :)

  19. Jake ,Sam got the townhall with a quake

  20. Jake i think Sam got the Town Hall because he had an earthquake spell that he didn't use