Ninja Live Episode #32

The ninja strikes again catching some TH10 3 star attempts in what promises to be a very close war! Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to tune in to see the recap …


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  1. can anyone pls tell me which clan some ey one hive members like holdmybeer, armando, cheetum … joined? ty guys :)

  2. Has anyone got this message in clan wars, 'Can't attack,target is unavailable '. The loot bonus on the village is O!!!

  3. it is like ninja after 2 years!!

  4. I laughed when those barbarians killed that max xbow in the second attack lol

  5. Damn the clan has lost it, they have been in a deep hole lately

  6. what a nerve racking ninja live. and wtf on the 2nd attack did you see that barb king at the end???!?!? freakin archer tower and cannon and he decides to beat on a wall…. idiot king man. that woulda been a 3 ? for sure.

  7. Leaving us with this cliffhanger is brutal Jake…

  8. I think trigga shouldve used a heal on valks

  9. YES A NEW ONE. Love those, keep the great work up jake!

  10. The drama of it all! Awesome episode.

  11. Th11 cant get the 3rd star on th10. (Im talking bout vip Andrei attack) Why did he use the queen ability? She was just about to take out that point defense. By activating her ability he also allowed the archer tower to pick off his healers one by one. This ability made him 10 times more bad than good. Such a poor planned attack….Onehive should start recruiting candidates who are smart and can perform and attack well… not fools like Andrei…. This is why they have lost sooo many wars and I bet they are going to lose this one too :)

  12. Hi!
    (Sorry for my bad English)

  13. Some players from South Raiders are modders Jake! They were going to be one of our family clans but we found out they mod and stopped talking to them.

  14. Yeah like you said Jake – I think trigram an could have raged and healed the same spot for the hogs.

  15. C&C : Do you think that upgrade walls over defenses first is better or the other way arround , and if so why? Keep up the good work Jake , I've done better in the 3 star attack because of you , so Thank You Very Much ! #FanFromMalaysia

  16. My ipad just smashed on concrete floor, not happy.

  17. I love ninja lives but they always leave me wondering who won

  18. those first 2 attacks were UNBELIEVABLE. looked sooooooo good in the beginning but one thing went wrong and it all went downhill.

  19. Awesome episode Jake! One of my favorites in a while!

  20. Qualche italiano?

  21. Hi

  22. VIPandrei would get a 3* if that king doesn't hit his favorite target (wall)

  23. You should have made this video on 4/20 and call out all the guys who failed for attacking while high.

  24. Damn, this is what it's all about. Nice vid Jake, thanks for sharing.

  25. finally a new one 😀 absolutley love it

  26. Great war, OneHive. I had a blast. We did have a 33k TH advantage, which is a little less than the difference between us having the one extra th11 vs your max th10…. but you had a 209 hero advantage… I think they pretty much cancel each other out.

  27. The ninja curse is real

  28. I just love these ninja lives! These are probably the best videos on your channel. Nice attacks even though didn't quite get the 3's.

    Ps. I really hope you'd sometimes stream a bit earlier for us europeans, once a week or so.

  29. Ugh, fucking modders are finding a way to bypass the system…Seriously, is it really that hard to not enjoy the game without cheating? We know you're so horrible at war but come on!Stop being a lazy ass and practice your raids legitly you degenerates.

  30. So… Who won??? :))